This 25 minute, homemade, newsies horror-film spoof, was made in 1991 on the back lot of Universal Studios during the shooting of the movie “Newsies”.
The movie directed by Michael Goorjian, produced by Max Casella and Trey Parker and shot by Ivan Dudynsky. It stars Mark David doing an incredible impersonation of actor Don Knots (Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show.) Ivan, Trey, Max and Michael are also in the film along with cameos by Christian Bale, David Moscow, Bill Pullman, Kenny Ortega, Brett Dieball as well as many more.
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THE STORY: Washed up actor Don Knots shows up on the back lot of Universal Studios in hopes of a role in the new movie, Newsies. Unfortunately director Kenny Ortega quickly dismisses Mr. Knots and has him thrown off the lot. Mr. Knots then decides to go on a killing spree. He knocks off one Newsie after the next, each in a different and unique way.
This is truly one of the funniest homemade movie ever. The video runs roughly 25 minute. It was shot on a 1/2 VHS camcorder with the music being provided by a tape deck, held up next to the camera. The most impressive aspect of this little gem is that it was shot entirely in order!
"So hilarious!
I got it on Saturday, just a few days after I ordered it....
This movie is comic gold. So, so funny.
Definitely worth the money. =) Thanks again!"
what people say...
"I received my BLOOD DRIPS ON NEWSIES SQUARE and loved it!
I enjoy the look into the actors personalities that we see more so than when they are acting in Newsies.
My applause to Michael Goorjian for this masterpiece.
This film is a gem!"
"I just wanted to let you know that we recieved Blood drips on newsies square about Thursday I believe and my sister and I love it! We couldn't stop laughing. It's an awesome movie and we love it. Thanks!" 
"I just got my copy in today!
I adore this movie... film... thingy. Holy tap dancing Jesus it rocks. it's cheesy and campy and everything in-between.
I wish all movies could be so hilarious. Not to mention all of the guys look like absolute sex!
Thank You! I bow down to you for copying this thing and allowing Newsies Freaks, such as myself, to own it.
This film is pure genius. Mark David does an ass-kicking Don Knotts impersonation.
If anyone tells you differently, don't listen to them!"
This movie contains extreme language.
Although it is hilarious and was made for fun, it does contains some extreme language that some people, like your parents, might disapprove of.
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